[][src]Struct sonr::system::System

pub struct System { /* fields omitted */ }

System is thread local and has to exist for each thread using Reactors that react to Reaction::Event(event). There can only be one instance of a System per thread, and this instance is created by calling System::init().


impl System[src]

pub fn init() -> Result<SignalSender<SystemEvent>>[src]

Initialise the system for the current thread. Should only be called once per thread.

pub fn register(
    evented: &impl Evented,
    interest: Ready,
    token: Token
) -> Result<()>

Register an Evented with the System.

pub fn reregister<T: Evented>(evented: &EventedReactor<T>) -> Result<()>[src]

Reregister an evented reactor.

pub fn start<R: Reactor>(reactor: R) -> Result<()>[src]

Start the event loop. This will run until SystemEvent::Stop is sent to the system's SignalReceiver.

The SignalReceiver is returned from System::init().

pub fn free_token(token: Token)[src]

The token can be registered with another reactor. This is called when an EventedReactor is dropped.

pub fn reserve_token() -> Result<Token>[src]

Reserve a token

pub fn send(sys_event: SystemEvent)[src]

Send a system event to the current system.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for System

impl Sync for System

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